Lilium African Queen

Lilium African Queen - Seeds & Bulbs

Lilium African Queen

These bulbs have been precooled
for better blooms the first year and easy forcing.

This is a Trumpet or Aurelian Lily. It has orange trumpet flowers, about 4-5 flowers per stem.

Trumpet lilies are also called aurelian lilies. They have large, trumpet shaped blooms, and a powerful, musky scent. They are suitable for zones 4-8.

Bulb size: 16-18 cm
Classification: Trumpet (Aurelian) Lily
Latin name: Lilium
Exposure: sun, partial shade
Usage: large pots - landscape
Height: 32"
Flowering Months: July-August
Planting Months: March-Sept.
Planting Method: Plant 12-18 inches apart in holes that are six inches deep.

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