Gladiola Oscar

Gladiola Oscar - Seeds & Bulbs

Gladiola Oscar

Large blood red flowers with a slight creamy fleck on throats, strong stems.

How to cut gladiolas
The best way to cut the flower is to slide a knife blade between the leaves, cutting the stem well below the first flower but leaving most of the leaves to mature normally and so provide food for the bulb. Cut just before the flower opens for longer lasting arrangements.

Bulb size: 14-16 cm
Classification: gladiola
Exposure: sun
Usage: cut flower, landscape plant
Height: 40"
Flowering Months: July-Sept.
Planting Months: March-Sept.
Planting Method: Plant in a sunny location with plenty of moisture. Place the corms 6 to 8 inches apart and 6 to 8 inches deep. If not planted deep enough they are likely to fall over when heavily loaded with flowers.

Lifting Bulbs
In areas that experience freezing temperatures, gladiola bulbs should be lifted and stored in a frost free area for the winter. Before the first frost, lift the corms and cut off the tops close to the corm. Spread the corms in a cool, shady place to dry. If drying indoors or in an area with poor air circulation, consider running a fan. Poor air circulation encourages rot and mildew.

Once the corms have dried they should be dusted clean and stored in dark place in dry wood shavings or peat moss. Check bulbs periodically through the winter for signs of softening or rotting. Discard any questionable bulbs.


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