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Featured Canna:
Orange Beauty

You'll love these brilliant orange flowers atop tall, green, tropical-looking foliage. Orange Beauty makes a lovely accent plant, and is striking when planted in mass.

Canna Bulbs (Rhizomes)

A tub of cannas makes a terrific accent for a sunny patio or porch. Cannas also look good in beds and borders, and make lovely accent plants. The lush foliage adds an interesting tropical look to the garden long before the flowers bloom in midsummer.

Cannas are native to tropical and subtropical areas and can't tolerate freezing temperatures. In zones colder than 7 they should be lifted and stored in a frost free area for the winter. In areas where they can be overwintered in the ground, lift and divide every three to four years. Leave at least 3 eyes on each division for strong, sturdy plants.

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