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Featured Calla:
Yellow Hybrid

Flowers are golden-yellow and 3" in diameter. The strong stems make Yellow Hybrid Callas a great choice for cutting. The attractive foliage is arrow-shaped and spotted. Callas look good in containers.

Calla Bulbs

Callas can be planted and left outdoors in warm climates (zones 9 & 10). In colder climates they can be planted in the spring when the soil is warm and lifted in the fall, or planted in containers that can be brought indoors in the fall. Callas look good in containers, and potted cannas are easy to bring indoors in the fall.

Callas make great housplants if a sunny window is available. Plant the tubers in early fall, setting them 3 inches deep in the potting mixture. Keep barely damp until the first shoot appears, then keep moist and feed monthly with a bulb fertilizer. Most callas need a period of dormancy after flowering. Gradually withhold water until the leaves wither away, then start plants into growth again later by moistening the soil.

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