White Roseform Begonia

White Roseform Begonia - Seeds & Bulbs

White Roseform Begonia

The big, white, roselike blooms on these begonias can be 4 to 8 inches across! They grow only 12" tall, and are perfect for pots or the front of the sunny border. The attractive, dark green foliage looks great on its own while waiting for the flowers to bloom. And the big blooms appear just when we need them most -- in late summer when other flowers are drooping and fading in the heat of the sun.

Bulb size: 2 - 2.5"
Classification: Begonia
Exposure: sun
Usage: container plant, landscape
Height: 12"
Flowering Months: July-August
Planting Months: March-Sept.
Planting Method: Plant 10-12" apart in the garden, 4-6" apart in containers. Plant bulbs 2" deep.
Hardiness: Begonias are hardy in zones 9-11. Bulbs should be lifted and stored for winter in colder zones.

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