A Samhain Ritual (Halloween)

A Samhain Ritual (Halloween)

MugwortAt Samhain (Halloween) the veil between this world and the other side is very thin. It is said to be at its thinnest at this time of year, and again in the weeks surrounding May 1st (Beltane).

Samhain (pronounced Sow-en) is a night sacred to the Grandmother Moon. Those who seek her wisdom through divination can find many answers to their life's path at this time of year. This is the Sabbat where we honor our ancestors and all of those who came before us. This is a good time to commune with the other world through divination (tarot, runes, astrology, or simply invocation). It is also a perfect time to thank the ancients for the wisdom they shed upon us. They can speak to us in dreams, or in symbols that we see in our every day lives. Be open to it, especially now.

Now, I'd like to share my own Samhain ritual with you:

Take a "ritual bath" to cleanse you of all unwanted energies. For this I run a bath and add sea salt (Epsom Salt works too), and a bit of Mugwort. Mugwort is an herb that is usually easy to obtain, and it aids you when looking into the future. I also add a bit of orange essential oil, but you can use whatever scent is most appealing to you. Light a few white candles and put some soft music on. Before you step into your bath, take your left hand and swirl the water around a bit. Now step in, close your eyes, and relax. As thoughts enter your mind, let them - do not push them away. Rather let them enter and leave on their own. Take several deep breaths and really enjoy the calmness that should be surrounding you. When ready, release the water from the tub. As it goes down the drain, picture any negativity going with it. Pat yourself dry and put on some comfortable clothing - unless of course, you prefer to do ritual work skyclad (naked). In your ritual space, light 3 orange and 3 black candles. I will call on Hecate (Crone and Dark Goddess) on this night.

As an astrologer, I look to the planets to guide me in ritual. This Samhain there will be a Moon/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius. So through divination I would ask "Is there an area in my life where I would like to create a greater sense of freedom"? My choice is using tarot cards, so I would pull a card from my deck and meditate on it. For those of you who are not versed in tarot, just ask your guides for wisdom and answers.

The next planetary aspect I would focus on is the Moon/Mercury sextile in Capricorn/Scorpio. The question I would ask in that regard is "How can I communicate in a more focused manner"? Next is the Moon/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius. The question might be "In what way can I transform to reach my spiritual goals, how can I learn to focus in that regard"?

At this point I would light a white candle to represent truth and wisdom, and ask any other question that I might have. Once you feel that you have obtained the wisdom of the ancient teachers, thank Hecate for her help. Your energy at this moment will be cycling very high. Be sure to ground this energy. Do this by visualizing your legs as tree trunks. See the energy moving out of your body, down your legs, and into the Earth.

If you have obtained Mugwort, place some under your pillow and ask the ancients for prophetic dreams this night. Ask any relatives that have passed on to pass their wisdom to you in your dream state.

Happy Halloween!

About the AuthorToni is a professional Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Advisor living in the Bayshore area of New Jersey with her two sons, Eric and Scott. She believes that we all manifest our own reality, and has recently started her own New Age Business which she totally enjoys! Toni publishes an online Magazine called Crimson Moon, and hosts a Forum of the same name. Come in and sit a spell - http://forums.delphi.com/thenewage/start (her screen name is Starlyn1). Toni possesses a strong background in astrology and uses it as a basis for most of her readings. Writing is one of her passions, and she is currenly working on her first book.

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