Tiered Patio Planter: Materials List

Tiered Patio Planter: Materials List

Tools and Materials for Tiered Patio Planter

Materials for a planter

  • Time
    Two days' work (about a day to mark out and cut the wood, and the rest of the time for putting together and finishing).

    Useful Tip
    An electric compound miter saw can be used instead of a miter saw. This is a relatively inexpensive tool, which is really good for cutting repeat angles in small-section wood.

    43 5/16 in (I.I m) high, 59 in (I.5 mm) wide, and 27 3/16 in (690 mm) deep. (All rough-sawn pine pieces include excess length for wastage.)
  • Pine: 7 pieces, each I0 feet (3 m) long, 4 in (100 mm) wide, and 3/4 in (20 mm) thick (shelves, legs and braces)
  • Pine: 6 pieces, each 8 feet (2 m) long, 2 in (50 mm) wide, and IV4 in (30 mm) thick (shelf supports)
  • Zinc-plated, countersunk Phillips screws:
    100 x IV2 in (38 mm) no. 8, 50 x 2 in (50 mm) no. 10,
  • Acrylic paint, color to suit
  • Clear preservative


  • Pencil, ruler, tape measure, marking gauge, and square
  • Portable workbench and C-clamp
  • Plywood workboard about 4 feet (I m) square
  • Crosscut saw
  • Cordless electric drill with a Phillips screwdriver bit
  • Drill bits to match the screw sizes
  • Electric compound miter saw
  • Electric sander with a pack of medium-grade sandpaper
  • Paintbrush: 1 1/2 in (40 mm)

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