Help Children To Create Their Own Book

Help Children To Create Their Own Book

By Brenda Hyde of

Start teaching your child a love of books at an early age, as soon as they can draw and express themselves, by helping them to create their own book.

You will need:

A hole punch
lined paper
construction paper
markers, pens, crayons
ribbon, yarn or string

Decide the size of your book and cut two pieces of construction paper for the front and back cover. Cut the "pages" the same size. Group your cover and pages together and punch three holes-one at the top, the middle and the bottom. Tie the book together by threading a piece of yarn, ribbon or string through the holes and tying it off in a knot or a bow.

Help your child to decide on a topic. Often they will be "stuck" for an idea at first, but talk with them about what they enjoy the most: the birds in your backyard, a trip to Grandma's house, a camping vacation or whatever is a favorite activity. Have them color a picture on the front cover. If your child can write-even if they haven't perfected spelling yet-have them write in their own words about the topic they chose. Be flexible. If they write one or two sentences and want to draw more pictures that's ok! Be sure to have them give the story a title and put their name on the cover as author. You can even put a date on the back cover and have them "sign" it. When their story is finished be sure to show it off and let them know how much you like it. This not only encourages a love of books, but it builds self esteem and creates future writers!

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