Hellebores, Part IV (page 4)

Hellebores, Part IV (page 4)

by Marge Talt ( mtalt(at)clark.net )

Yellow and Peach

Yellow is found in the wild, often with a greenish cast in H. odorus, but it seems elusive when you try to find one. Wouldn't this dispel winter's gloom?

peachy tints
As far as I know, peachy tints aren't found in the wild. This seems to me like it would be a difficult color range to achieve, considering the amount of blue in most hellebore flowers.

I don't have too many flowers in this range, but this one would go nicely with my 'Cameo' quince who is blooming now - the two should just overlap.

Real Red

Graham tells me that purists say there is no such thing as a red hellebore; that the color range jumps from shades of pink to shades of purple.

red hellebore
Well, both he and I have to disagree. If this isn't red, I don't know what is. I suspect these are both the same plant, but this image came from a photograph.

And this image came from a slide. Both seem red to me. Yes, they are on the blue side of red, not the orange, but I really don't detect pink or purple, do you?
almost red

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