Hellebores, Part IV (page 3)

Hellebores, Part IV (page 3)

by Marge Talt ( mtalt(at)clark.net )


Pinks are more common than blacks, but the range is wide.

I'm particularly taken with this pale pink, it's such a delicate color.
pale pink

Or, there is this much brighter pink, sort of a strawberry color.

Many breeders insist on the rounded petal form found on this dusky pink. I like it, too, it's so neat and tidy.
nice, rounded petals

pointed petals
You can see quite a difference in flower form between this one, with definitely pointed sepals, and the previous flower. I don't know...I really like them both.

Graham calls this one a pink-red. To me, it has almost lavender overtones - most intriguing and dramatic.
pink-red hellebore

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