Giving Edible Gifts

Giving Edible Gifts

Giving Edible Gifts&nbsp

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So your planning on making gifts for the holiday season or a special day?  Here are some ideas that might help you create the perfect package...

Gather accessories for packaging these treats.  pretty baskets, platters, trays, tins, and boxes transport your baking treasures while doubling as part of the gift.  Line containers with colorful cloth napkins, fabric cut with pinking shears or pot holders, kitchen towels, etc. to cushion and protect baked goods.  For an added surprise, tuck smaller, inedible gifts, such as holiday candles and cookie cutters, among the goodies.  Maybe even give your cookies wrapped in plastic wrap on a cookie sheet with a festive bow.

Other ideas include using canning jars with fabric on top to conceal the lid and make it festive.  Coffee cans spray painted then stamp or sponge on your decorations. You can use brown craft bags and place individually wrapped treats in the bag top with tissue sticking out the top and a bow.  You can decorate your bags by adding stamps, stencils, stickers, fabric or small ornaments.  Use your imagination and have fun. You can also add sprigs of evergreens, holly or other goodies to your bows to create the look of the season.

To keep baked gifts fresh, wrap containers with plastic wrap, gather at the top, and secure with a bow.  Or wrap each food separately.  Plastic food bags and boxes with holiday motifs make functional yet fun presentations for your gifts. 
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