Tour of ORcutt Ranch Horticultural Center (continued)

Tour of ORcutt Ranch Horticultural Center (continued)

Within the park there are outstanding varieties of indigenous trees and transplanted varieties including the California Sycamore; Tamarisk; Tabebuia (Golden Trumpet Tree); Coral Tree; Dogwood; Sago Palm; Birch; Box Elder; Purple Lily Magnolia; Chinese Wisteria; Incense Cedar; Rattan Palm, Lady Palm ; Fern Pine; Sweet Olive; Bunya; Cork Oak; Coast Live Oak; and Valley Oak or California White Oak.

Without regard to the season, flowers bloom year long, with excellent varieties of roses, bird of paradise, geraniums, azaleas, camellias, and gardenias. Giant sunflowers gently wave their tops and color abounds in every hue of the rainbow.

Today, garden plots are available to members of the community on the eastern side of the park. Tours of the house and gardens are conducted the last Sunday of the month (except during July and August) from 2:00pm to closing at 5:00pm. Special events during the year include public fruit picking, gardening classes, weddings, and garden shows.

The park tour is truly a visit to old California of yesterday, when grace and elegance prevailed. The value of quality is apparent in every turn of the path and every rest spot is a pleasant oasis.


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