Mary Ann's Mace and Oregano Broccoli

Mary Ann's Mace and Oregano Broccoli

Mary Ann brought mace back from Grenada and has fallen
in love with it. Mace is also great with Brussel Sprouts.

1 lb Broccoli, cut into bite size pieces (use frozen broccoli if you must)
6 Mace or 1 t ground / powdered mace
4 Oregano sprigs, fresh, or 1 t dried
1 t Cracked Pepper
Salt to taste
1 T water

Place the broccoli and all ingredients in a microwave safe bag. Shake to distribute the herbs. Microwave on high for 6 minutes or until broccoli is done to your desire. Place in serving dish. Prior to serving, remove oregano sprigs. Serves 4.

Contributed by Mary Ann Perry of Sayit-N-Herbs.

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