Sneezeweed (Helen's Flower) (Helenium)

Sneezeweed (Helen's Flower) (Helenium) - Garden Basics - Flower - Perennial

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Plant Information Type: perennial
Propagation: division, seeds
Light: full sun
Flower Color: yellow, bronze, orange, red
Bloom Time: mid- to autumn
Height: 2-4 feet
Width: 1-2 feet
Soil Requirements: moist but well-drained
Zones: 4-8
Uses: cutting bed, border, filler

This clump-forming perennial spreads quickly, giving a look of maturity to a new garden. The plant flowers over a long period and the daisy-like flowers are suitable for cutting. The flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Helenium thrives in any fertile soil that is moist but well-drained. You may need to provide support for taller varieites. Pick off the faded flowers to prolong flowering, and divide the plant every two or three years in spring or fall to prevent overcrowding.


H. 'Bruno'
Grows to four feet with redish-brown flowerheads, 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 in diameter. Blooms in late summer and early fall.

H. 'Butterpat'
These 2-3 inch diameter bright yellow flowers bloom from late summer to early fall. Plants reach a height of 3 feet.

Sneezeweed (Helen's Flower) (Helenium)

H. 'Moerheim Beauty' (shown above)
The dark copper-red flowers are 2-3 inches in and bloom all summer. Plants grow three feet in height.

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