Honey Apple Glazed Turkey Breast

Honey Apple Glazed Turkey Breast

Servings: 12

1/3 Cup clover honey
1 Tablespoon dry mustard
6 Ounces frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed and undiluted
1 6-1/2 to 7 Pound turkey breast, skin removed


  1. Combine honey, mustard and apple juice in a small bowl.
  2. Place turkey breast on a rack in a shallow roasting pan.
  3. Baste with honey mixture.
  4. Cover and roast in a 325 degree F. oven for 1 hour.
  5. Uncover and baste frequently with honey mixture. and roast an additional hour or until the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F.

Let cool 10-15 minutes prior to slicing.

Recipe by The National Turkey Federation

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