Tempting Beefy T-Bones

Tempting Beefy T-Bones

Total preparation and cooking time: 30 minutes

4 well-trimmed beef T-bone or Porterhouse steaks, cut 1 inch thick (about 4 pounds) or boneless top loin steaks, cut 1 inch thick (about 2-1/2 pounds)
2 medium red or yellow bell peppers
1/2 teaspoon salt
Fresh parsley sprigs (optional)

Basting Sauce:
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 cloves garlic, minced

Cut bell peppers lengthwise into quarters; finely chop 1 quarter piece. Combine sauce ingredients and chopped pepper in medium microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH 2 minutes or until hot and bubbly, stirring once. Brush both sides of beef steaks and remaining pepper quarters with sauce.

Place steaks in center of grid over medium, ash-covered coals; arrange peppers around steaks. Grill T-bone or Porterhouse steaks, uncovered, 14 to 16 minutes (top loin 15 to 18 minutes) for medium rare to medium doneness, turning occasionally and brushing with remaining sauce. Do not brush during last 5 minutes of cooking. Grill peppers 12 to 15 minutes or until tender, turning once.

Season steaks with salt. Serve with peppers. Garnish with parsley, if desired.

Makes 4 to 8 servings.

Broil Directions: Place steaks on rack in broiler pan so surface of beef is 3 to 4 inches from heat. Broil T-bone or Porterhouse steaks 15 to 20 minutes (top loin 13 to 17 minutes) for medium rare to medium doneness, turning and brushing with sauce once.

Nutrition information per serving using T-bone/Porterhouse (1/4 of recipe): 587 calories; 61 g protein; 7 g carbohydrate; 34 g fat; 684 mg sodium; 201 mg cholesterol; 10.2 mg niacin; 1.0 mg vitamin B6; 4.8 mcg vitamin B12; 7.1 mg iron; 11.6 mg zinc.

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