Clematis (Clematis)

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Plant InformationBotanical Name: Clematis
Life Cycle: Perennial
Planting Time: Spring or fall
Height: 12" to 24"
Exposure: Sun or light shade
Soil: loamy, pH 6.5 or higher
Hardiness: Zones 4 to 8
Bloom Time: Mid to late summer
Propagation: Cuttings
Uses: Trellises, arbors, fences, mailbox or other post

Prune lightly in early spring by cutting out weak growth, but save as much old growth as possible. For a spectacular summer display, cut the entire plant back to 2-4 feet in the spring. You will sacrifice your spring blooms by using this method, but you'll get a striking summer show.

Here's an idea for those summer shrubs such as forsythia that are spectacular in spring but a bit boring the rest of the year: Plant clematis vines under the shrub. The clematis will add a bright burst of bright summer color to your otherwise dull spring shrub, and the clematis will thrive with a little shade on the roots during the heat of summer.


  • Mulch well to keep the roots cool

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