Craftsman Vs. John Deere Mowers


Founded in 1837 by blacksmith and inventor John Deere, the company with a leaping deer logo and trademark green and yellow colors has evolved from creating farm equipment into a company that produces a wide range of machines for working on the land. Craftsman is known for producing hand and power tools. Sears has owned the Craftsman trademark since 1927. The company has been producing lawn mowers since 1934 and expanded to include the Craftsman Professional Line in 1994.

Craftsman Models

Craftsman makes several brands of lawn mowers and garden tractors under the Arnold, Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, Husqvarna and Spectrum brands. These include self-propelled, front- and rear-wheel drive mowers, riding mowers and zero-turn riding mowers. Craftsman mowers offer you bag, mulch and discharge options. You have a choice of rear bag or side-discharge cutting decks in widths from 19 to 54 inches. The company’s mowers use Black & Decker, Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines, providing engine power ranging from 10.5 to 26 horsepower.

Craftsman Features

Craftsman mower features vary among their many models, so you can select the combination that best matches your needs. The smooth start feature provides a hotter spark to make starting easier. High rear wheels increase maneuverability. The variable-speed front wheel gear drive propels the machine, enabling you to operate the mower at a comfortable pace. The company’s zero-turn mowers offer a dual hydrostatic drive, 360-degree turning radius, electric push button blade control and anti-scalp wheels to prevent turf damage. Customers should be aware that many of the company’s mowers are not made to meet California emissions regulations.

Craftsman Parts and Accessories

Craftsman sells a variety of components to help you perform maintenance and expand upon the uses of your mower. In addition to replacement parts and blades, their product line includes wheel weights, loading ramps, chrome brush guards, bagger bins, mulch kits and hi-lift blades. The dustblocker grass bag reduces flying dust. Scoop, aerator, sweeper and blade attachments allow you to use your mower for multiple yard and garden chores.

John Deere Models

John Deere produces multiple lines of mowers, lawn tractors and zero-turn riding lawn mowers. John Deere’s 1 Series tractors are sub-compact utility tractors with 22.4- to 25.2-horsepower engines and four-wheel drive power steering. Their drive-over autoconnect decks allow you to connect attachments without dismounting. The machines perform tiller, loader and other functions in addition to mowing.

John Deere Features

EZtrak Series mowers have heavy-duty frames and cyclonic engines. The Z600 models reach mowing speeds of 9 mph and have ergonomic 21-inch-high seat backs and 42- to 62-inch cutting decks. Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki engines and commercial grade transmissions are available on some models. The 100 Series includes the V-twin engine D170 model. Models in the series have features such as halogen headlights, five-speed and two-pedal transmissions, 19.5- to 26-horsepower engines, seats with lumbar adjustment and three-in-one decks for mulching, bagging and side-discharge. Select Series tractors come with a two-pedal foot control for direction and speed changes, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and power steering on some models. The X500 models are made wider and offer traction assistance for greater stability on hills.

John Deere Parts and Accessories

John Deere sells a more extensive array of accessories to add value to their riding mowers. Weather enclosures, sun shades and 12-volt fans increase rider comfort. Brush guards and hard-side cabs protect your machines from wear and tear. The company produces utility carts, tractor shovels, lawn sweepers, loaders and bucket holders for yard and garden chores. Front-, mid- and rear-mount blade options allow you to better move and manipulate material. Other attachments include disk harrows and moldboard plows for gardening; rear baggers, thatcherators and grass groomers for lawn care; and snow blowers, rotary brooms and blades for winter weather chores.

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