Tree & Stump Removal in Southeast Idaho


High winds and harsh winter storms can wreak havoc on trees in southeast Idaho. Poplar and cottonwood trees are particularly prone to damage. Trees that have severe branch damage or trunk rot require immediate removal to avoid potential property damage or personal injury due to falling limbs. To select a tree service, ask friends for referrals or contact a local nursery or tree farm.


At least 20 vendors offer tree removal and stump grinding services in southeast Idaho, as of October 2011. Vendors in Twin Falls provide services for the Magic Valley area, including Jerome, Wendell, Gooding and Shoshone, while vendors in Burley provide services for the Minidoka area, including Rupert, Heyburn, Declo, Oakley and Paul. Tree arborists offer stump grinding and tree removal, but you'll also find this service offered by tree nurseries, lawn care firms and private operators.


Tree and removal stump costs can vary considerably based on the size of the tree, your location and access to the tree. An average tree removal in southeast Idaho costs about $250, as of October 2011, while stump grinding costs between $60 and $100. Costs increase if you live in a remote area, or if you want the grinding chips removed and fill soil brought in.


When selecting an arborist to remove trees or stumps, look for one who has a long track record of satisfied customers and ask for references. A variety of franchises offer tree services in Twin Falls and Burley, but support a locally owned business when possible. Liability insurance also is important. It ensures the vendor can pay for any damage that occurs to your home or property during tree removal.


Enough businesses offer stump and tree removal in southeast Idaho that you should be able to get at least two to three bids. Low price is one consideration, though you also want to consider the contractor's experience and credentials, as well, especially if you are removing a large tree.


If you're handy, you can probably remove trees yourself, but work with a partner, use equipment properly and maintain an escape route. Do not attempt to remove trees that are taller than your house, or have significant damage. Cottonwoods, one of the most commonly removed trees in southeastern Idaho, have large, heavy branches and are prone to trunk rot and branch breakage. These trees are best left to a professional.

Time Frame

Specialists remove trees year-round, depending on the weather, and a damaged tree should be removed as soon as possible, even in the winter. Stump-grinding can also be performed year-round, though it is somewhat easier between spring and mid-fall when the ground is thawed.

Equipment Rental

Barry Equipment and Rental has stores in Rupert, Burley, Twin Falls, Jerome, Kimberly and Hazelton, and offers stump grinder rentals if you'd like to remove the stump yourself. However, the fees may cost more than you would pay to hire someone to do the work.

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