Hydroseeding in Olympia, Washington


Named for the Olympic mountains to the north, Olympia, the seat of Thurston County, is the capital of Washington State. Enjoying mild winters and warm summers, residents and visitors make the most of Olympia’s public trails that lead to saltwater beaches and woods with big-leaf maples and Douglas firs. Hydroseeding lends itself to the natural scenery and climate of Olympia, providing an array of important benefits across a wide range of applications, contractors and resources.


According to the Hydroseeding Experts, the benefits of hydroseeding a lawn over using sod include cost-effectiveness and no guesswork about whether or not the sod takes. Additionally, hydroseeding uses a blend of seeds that virtually customizes the conditions and needs of a particular lawn or garden area, such as sun, shade, terrain, soil type and even children and pets. A hydroseeded lawn normally exhibits grass within five days to a week, with variations depending on how cold or hot the weather is at the time of hydroseeding. Hydroseeding Experts.com contains extensive information about hydroseeding, including how it works, lawn care and “the world’s largest list of hydro seeding contractors,” including those in Olympia, Washington.

Types of Contractors and Applications

In Olympia, Nichols Hydroseeding (nicholshydroseeding.com) is an example of the contractors serving Thurston County, where the company has hydroseeding projects. Hydroseeding applications listed on the company’s website include acreages, residential lots, hillsides, roadsides, sports fields, golf courses, utility trench lines, construction restoration sites, parks, school yards, cemeteries, commercial sites, site restoration and erosion control projects. Another example of hydroseeding contractors in Olympia is Puget Sound Landscaping, which first owned and operated one of the earliest hydroseeders in Thurston County in 1986. Also providing hydroseeding and landscaping services to Olympia is Full Throttle Landscape (fullthrotlelandscaping.com).

Erosion Control Function

In Erosion Control, the official journal of the International Erosion Control Association, the Products and Services Directory 2011 includes an article titled High Time for Hydroseeding by Janis Keating. The article refers to the high annual rainfall in the state of Washington as a factor in erosion. The article goes on to describe the use of Finn HydroSeeders manufactured by the Finn Corp., of Fairfield, Ohio, to spray areas of mudslide risk and stabilize them with bonded fiber matrix, a higher-integrity mulch. In Thurston County, the widening and realignment of Yelm Highway featured hydroseeding. In addition to the installation of new sewer and water lines, this major project included the application of a hydroseed mix of seed, mulch and fertilizer in the storm water ponds. The aim was to grow grass that provides erosion control, particularly during the rainy season in winter.

Potential of Equipment Rentals

With sufficient expertise in hydroseeding, it is possible to rent a Finn HydroSeeder for small- to medium-size residential or commercial projects, including sports fields, parks and golf courses. For example, United Rentals (ur.com) in Olympia offers a T-60 HydroSeeder for rent. The unit has a discharge distance of up to 90 feet and an operator-friendly design that offers easy loading of materials. United Rentals is the world’s largest equipment rental company, serving construction and industrial companies, utilities, municipalities and homeowners.

Expert Insight and Information

Hydroseeding contractors in Olympia, and everything you want to know about hydroseeding is available on The Corporate Grounds website (corporate grounds.com). The website offers a hydroseed price guide, as well as information about hydroseeding products, how to make hydroseed, preparation for hydroseeding and new hydroseeding equipment, among other subjects.

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