Electric Lawn Mower Preventive Maintenance


Electric mowers require few repairs compared with gas mowers, but preventive maintenance is still required to obtain maximum use from the mower. Following a few basic guidelines will ensure longer life and use of your mower.

General Care

Unplug the power cord on corded models. Remove the safety key on cordless models. This ensures no power is coming to the mower while you are working on it. Turn the mower on its side to clean it. Unlike gas powered mowers, this won't hurt it because no combustible fluids are used to help the mower run. The acid in the battery, if there is a battery, is maintained in a solid housing. To clean the underside of the mower, remove any grass and debris along the sides and underbelly of the blade housing with the wire brush. Scrape off stubborn debris with the putty knife. Turn the lawn mower upright. Wipe down the mower with a damp but not wet cloth. Remove the mounting screws of the electrical switch with the screwdriver. Pull the leads from the contacts at the bottom of the switch. Remove the switch. Clean the switch and leads with a brush. Replace the switch if the connections are rusted or damaged. Reverse the process to reinstall the switch.

Battery Care

Check the charge of the battery by reading the gauge on it. Recharge the battery when needed. Do not allow the battery to drain completely to avoid damaging the battery. Remove the battery from the mower after each season for storage. Store the battery in a cool dry location. Connect the battery to a charger to keep it from draining when not used for long periods. Be sure to cover the battery to protect it from the elements.

Cord Care

Check the cord after each use for damage. Look for frays, cuts and loose ends. Wind electrical tape around any damaged areas allowing a 1-inch margin on either side of the damage. Use this as a temporary fix only. Replace the cord as soon as possible. Dried cords, cords that have been hanging for long periods and cords exposed to weather may crack when stretched out. Check the cord for damage; if you find any, replace the cord. Examine the connections at the lawn mower. Clean the outlet where the cord attaches to the mower with a brush and compressed air to remove debris, dust and grass. Examine the plug at the end of the cord. Loose or bent prongs indicate damage and necessitate cord replacement.

Blade Care

Clean the mower blade of any grass or other debris, examining the blade for damage and wear. Trapped debris causes the blade to use more force and power to operate. This drains the power of the battery or cord. Look for gouges, dull edges or uneven surfaces. Check for play in blade movement. If you can move the blade up or down with your hand, it is loose. Tighten the bolt at the center of the blade where it connects to the mower. Remove the blade and have it sharpened. Do this at least twice yearly during mowing season. Replace blades that cannot be adequately resurfaced.

Time Frame

Schedule maintenance twice during the mowing season --- once at the beginning, ensuring everything functions properly, then again mid-way though the season to ensure continued operation. Eliminate many maintenance issues by checking and cleaning the mower after each use. Proper winter storage also eliminates many maintenance concerns.

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