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Echo Corporation, headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois, makes and markets 2-stroke grass and weed trimmers that meet the emission standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. Echo supplies gas trimmers to Home Depot. The price of an Echo gas trimmer will vary with the model, the state and the store where it is purchased.

GT Models

Echo's low end GT model gas trimmers begin with GT-225 that is powered by a 21.2cc, 2-stroke Power Boost Vortex engine that Echo says has more fins to make it run cooler. The GT-255 has a 48-inch curved shaft and weighs 10.2 pounds. Echo says it is 30 percent easier to start, although 30 percent easier than what is not indicated. GT-225i weighs 10½ pounds, and Echo says it is 75 percent easier to start. The GT-230 has a 22.8cc engine, a 52-inch shaft and a handle that can be adjusted to the operator's height; it weighs 11½ pounds. Echo's GT model trimmers all cut a swath that is 16 inches wide.

Low-End SRM Models

Echo's SRM 225 has a 21.2cc, 2-stroke Power Boost Vortex engine with a 59-inch straight shaft, felt air filtration and cushioned, ergonomic right and left handles. It weighs 12.1 pounds. The SRM 225i, which weighs 12.4 pounds, has the same features as the 225 but is easier to start. The SRM 230 has a more powerful 22.8 cc Power Boost Vortex engine, a system to reduce vibration in the engine and handle, plus a 4-layer flex cable drive on its 59-inch straight shaft; it also weighs 12.4 pounds. Echo's SRM model trimmers all cut a swath that is 17 inches wide.

Mid-Range SRM Models

Echo's SRM 265 has a 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex engine with extra heavy engine mounts to reduce vibration; it weighs 13.4 pounds and has a 59-inch straight shaft. The SRM 265S is similar to the SRM 265, but is slightly lighter at 13.2 pounds and has self-lubricating bearings on its 7mm-thick steel drive shaft. The SRM 265T has 50 percent more torque than the SRM 265 and weighs 13½ pounds.

High-End SRM Models

The SRM 280 has the same features as the other SRM models but with a 28.1cc engine; it weighs 13.4 pounds. The SRM 280S has the same engine as the SRM 280, but weighs less at 13.1 pounds, and has self-lubricating bearings on its 7mm-thick steel shaft. The SRM 280T has the same power but 50 percent more torque than the SRM 280. It weighs 13½ pounds.

Ease of Starting

An article in "Popular Mechanics" says that with Echo's easy-to-start system, you pull gently on the handle until you feel resistance; this loads a mechanism that helps start the engine as it releases. You then pull the handle gently, not vigorously, the rest of the way. This system is said to make starting easier than traditional 2-stroke gas trimmer engines.

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