Vongole Ripiene (Baked Stuffed Littleneck Clams) Recipe

Step 1

Inspect the clams and discard any clam that is not completely closed or doe not close when dropped into cold water.

Step 2

Open the clams, loosen each one fr its shell, and reserve its liquid. Discard the top shells. Place clams on the half shell on a baking sheet.

Step 3

Combine the breadcrumbs, oregano, parsley cheese, olive oil, 2 tablespoons of the wine, and salt and pepper to taste, and sprinkle a generous amount of the stuffing over the top of each clam. Strain the reserved clam juice and sprinkle it over the stuffing.

Step 4

Pour the remaining 2 tablespoons of wine into the bottom of the baking sheet. Prehea the broiler for about 5 minutes.

Step 5

Then broil the clams under high heat unti the breadcrumbs begin to brown. Pour the liquid in the baking sheet over t clams and serve immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 Clams; littleneck
  • Or mussels
  • 1/2c Bread crumbs
  • 1/2ts Dried oregano
  • 1tb Italian parsley; minced
  • 2tb Parmesan cheese; freshly gra
  • Or pecorino
  • 3tb Olive oil; good quality
  • 4tb Dry white wine; or vermouth
  • Salt and pepper; freshly gro
  • Or hot pepper flakes; to tas

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