Asparagus With Egg Garlic & Lemon Sauce Recipe

* - stems peeled and fiberous ends removed.

Step 1

Heat butter in saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic and saute gently 1 minute; remove pan from heat. Reserve and keep warm.

Step 2

Place asparagus in saucepan over medium heat. Add enough water to cover, simmer 3-5 minutes or until just tender. Remove from saucepan, pat dry and transfer to serving platter. Keep warm.

Step 3

TO SERVE: Stir egg and lemon into reserved garlic butter. Pour over asparagus, season with salt and pepper and garnish with tarragon.

Things You'll Need

  • 5tb Butter,unsalted
  • 1tb Fresh garlic,minced
  • 2lb Asparagus,prepared*
  • 1 Hard boiled egg,fine chopped
  • 3tb Fresh lemon juice
  • Salt
  • 1 Black pepper,freshly ground
  • 2ts Fresh tarragon,fine chopped

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