Broccoli and Beef Recipe


As with most Chinese cooking, it is very important to have a strong heat source. Have your stove on the highest setting, or as an alternative, cook in your backyard on a propane gas stove. This takes care of the problem of odors and smoke in your kitchen also.

Step 1

Cut the beef across the grain into thin slices. Marinate in the soy sauce, rice wine, and cornstarch. Set aside.

Step 2

Cut up the green onion and ginger.

Step 3

Mix all the ingredients for the cooking sauce.

Step 4

Blanch the broccoli and carrot slices in boiling water with a pinch of salt until slightly soft, but still crunchy. Drain and set aside. I usually do this step in the microwave.

Step 5

Heat a wok over high heat. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons oil. Fry the green onion and ginger until fragrant, then add the marinaded beef. Stir fry quickly until the meat changes color.

Step 6

Pour in the cooking sauce and heat until thickened and bubbly.

Step 7

Mix in the vegetables.

Serve over rice.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/2lb lean beef (preferably flank steak)
  • 1tb soy sauce
  • 1tb rice wine or sherry
  • 1tb cornstarch
  • 1 green onion -- cut into 1
  • 1ts fresh ginger -- chopped
  • 1/2c chicken broth
  • 2tb soy sauce
  • 2tb oyster sauce
  • 1/2tb rice wine or sherry
  • 2ts cornstarch
  • 2ts sugar
  • few drops sesame oil
  • pepper
  • 2c broccoli flowerets
  • 2c canned mushrooms (straw or button) -- drained
  • 2 carrot -- sliced

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