My Quick Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

Step 1

Preheat oven to 400. Peel and slice onions. Peel and slice Potatoes. Cover with hot water and add 2 tsp salt. Bring to boil and cook 5 minutes. Drain and put in a greased casserole. Mix marg and flour in microwave safe glass measuring cup. Microwave 1 minute. Add Milk slowly whisking to keep lumps from forming. Add 1 ts salt, pepper and paprika.

Step 2

Microwave stirring occasionally til cooked. Makes fairly loose sauce. Pour over potato/onion mixture in casserole and bake for 35 minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • 5md Potatoes
  • 2md Onions
  • 3ts Salt
  • 3tb Flour
  • 3tb Marg
  • 2 1/2c Milk
  • 1/8ts Pepper
  • 1/8ts Paprika

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