Broccoli-Mushroom Scallop Recipe

Step 1

Heat fresh broccoli in a deep, 2 1/2-quart, heat-resistant, non-metallic casserole, covered, in Microwave Oven 8 to 9 minutes. (Note: If frozen broccoli spears are used, defrost and place in a shallow, 9-inch, heat-resistant, non-metallic baking dish.)

Step 2

In a small, heat-resistant, non-metallic bowl, combine butter, mushrooms and onion. Heat, uncovered, in Microwave Oven 3 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Step 3

Blend flour and seasonings into butter-mushroom mixture. Heat, uncovered, in Microwave Oven 3 minutes, stirring after 1 1/2 minutes.

Step 4

Gradually add milk, stirring until mixture is smooth. Heat, uncovered, in Microwave Oven 3 minutes. Stir every minute.

Step 5

Pour hot mushroom sauce over cooked broccoli. Sprinkle with 1 cup cheese and paprika. Heat, uncovered, 4 to 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 1/2lb Fresh broccoli, washed,
  • -split and cut into 2-inch
  • -pieces or
  • 10oz Pk frozen broccoli spears
  • 2T Butter or margarine
  • 1c Sliced fresh mushrooms or
  • 4oz Can sliced mushrooms,
  • -drained
  • 1t Grated onion
  • 2T Flour
  • 1/4t Salt
  • 1/8t Pepper
  • 1c Milk
  • 1c Grated sharp Cheddar cheese
  • Paprika

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