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Gardeners plant trees for a variety of reasons, including beautification, to fight world hunger and even as erosion control. It is important to obtain the right tools before beginning such a project. You must first know the details of the project, the area's soil, the type of trees, their number and the sizes that are being planted. Preparation is the most important step in the process.

Hand Tools

It is impossible to work by hand without the right tools. Rough, rocky soils require shovels and hoes to make holes. Shovels can also help remove the roots from other plants that might steal necessary nutrients from the soil. Spades and hoes can be used to spread fertilizer and new soil.

Planting Methods

The hole method is the traditional way of planting a tree and works well in hard clay or rock-filled soils. Trees with roots that spread outward need the extra room to avoid entanglement with other plants. Taproot trees, on the other hand, can be planted by the slit method, which involves using a long, thin instrument, such as a spike. Slit planting is much faster than hole planting.


Fruit-bearing trees especially have high water requirements to maintain health and to properly reproduce. When using automatic irrigation systems, be sure that all parts are properly working. Call a specialist if you are experiencing any problems. Drought can cause serious symptoms to appear that can be difficult to undo, especially in younger plants.

Machine Planting

When planting a thousand trees or more, it is much more practical to rent a tree planter. By using mechanical planters, it is possible to save large amounts of time and money. Also the success rate of tree survival after planting is much higher when machines are involved. The planter typically is pulled by a tractor and cuts through the soil surface, planting the tree and packing the soil when the tree is in place. It is usually run by two people -- one person driving and the other assisting the machine. Tree planters are able to plant very quickly but should be used only on flat, soft soil.


It is extremely dangerous to use a tree planter on rocky or sloped soils. The additional stress of gravity while using the machine can easily become too much for the planter. Consider hiring a team to help in the planting process when you are dealing with a large number of trees.

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