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The Knock Out is the most widely purchased rose in North America. Its founder, Bill Radler, a rose breeder and botanist from Wisconsin, introduced this small rose shrub to the world in 1999. It is easy to care for and does not need special growing instructions. Knock Out roses can be cultivated in all parts of the United States as they are heat tolerant. These roses come in seven varieties and are award-winning flowers that achieved a 2000 and 2007 All American Rose Selections Honor for Radler.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with Knock Out roses. Note that there are seven types of the Knock Out rose bush available for purchase. Choose from the Knock Out, Double Knock Out, Pink Knock Out, Pink Double Knock Out, Rainbow Knock Out, Blushing Knock Out and Sunny Knock Out.

Step 2

Determine what style of Knock Out rose is best for you; there is the original, which has a single row of petals, and the Double Knock Out has twice as many petals in layers. Enjoy blooms every five to six weeks from spring until winter. You will save time because these flowers are low maintenance and relatively disease resistant.

Step 3

Survey the place where the roses will be planted. Knock Out roses grow best in four to eight hours of sunlight. Decide how many Knock Out rose bushes should be bought. Plan to space the Knock Out rose bushes three to five feet apart, if buying them for placement in a garden. Keep in mind Knock Out rose bushes can be purchased separately and make an excellent container plant for apartments or dorms due to its small size.

Step 4

Examine the Knock Out rose bush before buying it. Notice if the plant is wilted or has damaged parts. Search for signs of disease indicated by discolored leaves and small puncture marks on the plant's components.

Tips and Warnings

  • If left unpruned a Knock Out rose bush will grow to be larger than its usual three to four feet in height and width. Knock Out roses grow in a USDA hardiness zone of 5, able to tolerate minimum temperatures of -15 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, in colder regions these roses need to be winterized. There is no need to trim off old withered flowers, Knock Out roses are self-cleaning.


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