Flowers in Hawaii

Because Hawaii's climate is so regulated, flowers bloom year round to the delight of visitors and locals alike. Many of the flowers seen in Hawaii offer a pleasant fragrance to go along with their stunning colors, making them a feast for the eyes as well as the nose.


In Hawaii there are endless plumeria trees with beautiful blooms offering a sweet fragrance. It is very common to see island women wearing them in their hair or road side vendors selling leis made of plumeria flowers. Blooming in the months of March through October, plumeria flowers produce red, pink, yellow, white and often bi-colored flowers.


The state flower of Hawaii is the yellow hibiscus known as Pua Aloalo, which is one of the few varieties that are native to Hawaii. Hibiscus is easily grown in the island climate and produces flowers year round. People often use the hibiscus as a hedge or ornamental shrub in landscaping. Native and non-native species of hibiscus thrive in full sun and require minimal water.


There are several types of ginger that grow in Hawaii, including blue ginger, shampoo ginger, torch ginger and the regal red and pink ginger. Ginger is not a native species in Hawaii, but has quickly become one of the flowers associated with the islands because it grows so easily in the tropical climate. The species known as Kahili ginger is very invasive throughout the mountain areas, displacing several wild native plants.

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