Weed Control Recipes

If you are trying to avoid using harsh chemicals in your yard, there are several ways to kill weeds. These methods are not harmful to children or pets and will not leave harmful chemicals in your soil. Finally, these methods do not cost much and are generally environmentally friendly.

Hot Water

Boiling water will kill weeds in small areas. This method is best for controlling weeds in driveways, sidewalk cracks and edges. This is probably the cheapest way to kill weeds that are isolated from other plants. Sometimes people add one pound of salt to one gallon of hot water to kill weeds. However, this recipe should not be used to kill weeds that are near other plants. Salt can build up in the soil and make it infertile.

Weed Vinaigrette

A mixture of vinegar and lemon juice will kill weeds. This mixture should be made for a spray bottle using 1/4 cup of lemon juice for every 1 cup of vinegar. The best way to apply this weed killer is by spraying it onto the targeted weed in sunlight. Application of this weed control solution may have to be repeated. This mixture is biodegradable and will kill common weeds such as chickweed, ragweed, crab grass and wild carrot.

Solar Weed Control

If you are trying to kill weeds in a single area and you are not in a hurry, you can use the power of the sun to kill the weeds. Sealing the area with clear plastic will raise the temperature under the plastic and kill any weeds. In addition, the soil temperature can be up to 100 degrees 18 inches below the surface.

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