Making Bridal Shower Corsages


Bridal shower corsages are a lovely way to express that you care for the future bride. These beautiful confections can be pricey if purchased from a florist, and if cost is a factor you can try making the corsage yourself. The bride will be pleasantly surprised by the personal touch and appreciative of the time you took to construct the corsage. Integrate the wedding colors into the corsage and make sure to use the same flowers that will be in the bridal bouquet.

Step 1

Place flowers in a bucket of floral preservatives to keep them hydrated and fresh. Remove the thorns and foliage off the flowers. Clip the flowers leaving 3 inches of stem in length; trim the flowers shorter if the stems are thick.

Step 2

Cut a 5 to 6 inch length of floral wire. Poke the wire through the calyx or bulb of the first rose and insert it half way through. Bend the wires down on each side of the flower's stem forming an inverted "U" shape.

Step 3

Take the floral tape and, starting at the point where the wire enters the calyx, cover the wire and stem with the tape. Work in a downwards motion pulling the tape around the stem while twirling the flower between your thumb and forefinger. Keep up this process until the whole stem is neatly taped.

Step 4

Add the freesia as a filler flower to the sides and back of the rose. Lay the freesia close to the rose and begin to wrap the floral tape around it in the same fashion. Place one piece of the lacy fern in the back of the corsage. Start wrapping the floral tape around the flowers and greenery's stems once again, making sure to completely cover all the stems. Repeat the process for the second rose.

Step 5

Begin assembling the corsage by placing the two taped up pieces together. Position one a head higher than the other one, with the lacy ferns pointed to the back. Tape together the two flowers securely, holding them in a tight "Y" formation, covering the stems to the bottom in the floral tape.

Step 6

Tape the wires on the bow's stem with floral tape, covering the entire bow's wire. Insert the taped bow's stem into the section where the two corsage flowers for a "V" right above their taped stems. Bend down the bow's taped wire stem and press it tightly against the flower's stems. Secure with floral tape and curl up the end of the corsage's taped stem about 1 inch. Attach the corsage pin into the back of the corsage, near the base of the flowers at the top of the wrapped stems.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure not to add too many filler flowers, as it will detract from the main flowers in the corsage.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Floral preservatives
  • 2 red roses
  • 6 white freesias
  • Lacy ferns (Plumosa or maidenhair)
  • Clippers
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral wire 22 gauge
  • Green floral tape
  • White satin ribbon bow
  • Corsage pin


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Who Can Help

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