How to Change the Oil in a Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower


Sticking to a proper maintenance schedule on your Craftsman riding lawnmower maintains the engine for years. Change the oil in your riding mower after every 50 hours of use. If you do not use your mower more than 50 hours a season, change the oil once a year. Always check your oil level each time you operate your mower as running the engine low on oil could result in permanent damage.

Step 1

Park your mower on a flat surface and allow the engine to run for a few minutes to warm the oil in the engine. Warm engine oil will drain faster than cool engine oil. Place a drain pan on the right side of the mower beneath the oil drain valve. The oil drain valve is under the hood beneath the engine oil dipstick and fill tube.

Step 2

Remove the cap from the oil drain valve and push the oil drain tube, provided with the mower, onto the valve. Place the end of the tube into the oil drain pan. Push in on the drain valve while turning it counterclockwise to unlock it, and pull out on the valve to open the drain.

Step 3

Close the drain valve and remove the drain tube once the oil has drained completely from the engine. Dispose of the old oil at a licensed recycling center, such as a full-service gas station or an automotive oil change location.

Step 4

Refill the engine with 10W-30 engine oil through the oil fill tube until the oil level reaches the "full" line on the dipstick attached to the oil filler cap. Firmly push the dipstick into the fill tube to ensure the reading is accurate.

Things You'll Need

  • Oil drain pan
  • Oil drain tube
  • 10W-30 engine oil


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