Children's Yard Tools

Gardening is one of the few activities around the home that can involve children. Allowing children to tend to the yard and garden teaches them concepts related to the environment, science, nutrition, planning and maintenance. Fortunately, many children's yard tools are available to help children learn about the yard.

Long-Handled Tools

Often, adult-sized tools are awkward for children to handle. This can make gardening frustrating and difficult. Long-handled tools that are an appropriate length for children are available. These tools include rakes, shovels and hoes.

Hand Tools

Hand tools need to fit properly in the hands of their users to be effective. Child-sized hand tools make gardening less difficult. Child-sized hand tools include trowels and cultivators.


Child-themed composters add fun to the garden while performing an important function. Composting teaches children about waste management, recycling and soil health. In addition to looking nice, child-themed composters are easy to use because they only require rolling around to move the contents.

Watering Cans

The weight and dimensions of an adult watering can keeps children from using it properly. Purchasing a child-sized watering can allows children to participate in one of the most important part of maintaining the yard: watering.


Children need gardening gloves to protect their hands from damage. Thorny weeds and yard debris can injure small hands. Appropriately sized gardening gloves allow children to perform gardening tasks comfortably and safely.

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