How to Save Stargazer Lilies


Save the stargazer lily after it has bloomed and enjoy it again next year. The stargazer lily is well worth the time and energy to save it. The stunning colors of the stargazer lily range from the purest white to a deep pink. The long, delicate cup-like petals appear to be looking at the sky and are striking in appearance with a heavenly fragrance. It is not difficult to save the stargazer lily and does not require much gardening expertise.

Step 1

Plant the stargazer lily outdoors after it has finished blooming and after the last frost when the ground is easy to work.

Step 2

Choose a planting site that has full sunlight at least six hours per day and where the soil is well-drained; stargazer lilies are susceptible to root rot and do not do well with wet roots. Unless the planting site has a light sandy loam, work compost or peat moss into the soil.

Step 3

Remove the dead flowers, leaving the stem and leaves intact. Use a trowel to dig a small hole to plant the top of the bulb 6 inches below the soil level. It is unlikely that the flower will bloom in June and more likely that you will have to wait until next year.

Step 4

Moisten the soil to a depth of 6 inches when the ground is dry. Check the soil to determine if the ground is dry to the touch when a finger is inserted 1 inch into the soil.

Step 5

Mulch the soil with a 2-inch layer of wood chips, tree bark or grass clippings and leaves. Remove the mulch when spring arrives.

Tips and Warnings

  • Stargazer lilies are toxic to cats.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost or peat moss
  • Garden trowel
  • Mulch


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