How to Plant a Kiwi Tree


Kiwis are excellent trees to add to your orchard, lawn or garden. Not only are they beautiful with their shiny green foliage, but they produce baskets of sun-grown kiwis every year when maintained and cared for properly. Kiwi trees tend to grow best and produce fruit in warm, sunny areas with well-drained soil. They can grow in partial sun but tend to do much better in full-sun conditions.

Step 1

Purchase a young, healthy kiwi tree from your local plant nursery. Make sure the tree is not infested with any pests such as mites and that the tree is not showing signs of disease such as yellowing and curling leaves.

Step 2

Plant the kiwi tree in the spring season after the danger of frost is past. Plant in an area that receives full sun for most of the day with well-drained soil.

Step 3

Dig a hole twice the size of the young kiwi trees root ball using a spade shovel. Fill the hole to the top with water and allow the hole to soak it up before planting.

Step 4

Place the kiwi tree into the planting hole and fill around the tree with soil, slightly tamping it down.

Step 5

Place a stake on either side of the kiwi tree and tie yarn between the trunk and the stakes. The stakes will train the tree to grow upright. Kiwi trees can sometimes grow to one side, causing them to be unstable when they reach adulthood.

Step 6

Water the kiwi tree after planting, and make sure the planting soil around its base is always moist to the touch.

Things You'll Need

  • Young kiwi tree
  • Spade shovel
  • 2 wooden stakes
  • Yarn
  • Water


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