How to Grow Couch Grass


Better known as Bermudagrass, couch grass is a warm-season grass native to tropical areas. This grass performs well in the southern United States and can get damaged at temperatures of 30 Fahrenheit. It works well as a lawn grass, ornamental or cover for a sports field. Couch grass enjoys hot weather and doesn't grow well in the shade. Grow couch grass from seed in either spring or fall.

Step 1

Adjust the grade of your soil by adding bagged topsoil to cover up any valleys or dips in your lawn. Smooth out hills by removing some soil with a shovel. Work in this manner until the dirt has an even grade; this ensures you'll grow an even lawn.

Step 2

Rake over the soil with a grass rake before planting to loosen the top 1/4-inch of dirt so the couch grass seed can germinate.

Step 3

Scatter grass seed by hand or by using a mechanical spreader, which you can rent at a home improvement center. Greenview Fertilizer advises using 16 seeds per square inch.

Step 4

Drag the rake across the lawn again to cover the seeds with soil so they don't wash away before germination.

Step 5

Water the lawn until the soil becomes moist, but not soggy.

Step 6

Water in this manner once a day until the couch grass germinates and begins to grow. Then water once a week to nurture the developing grass.

Things You'll Need

  • Topsoil
  • Grass rake
  • Couch grass seed


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