Instructions for Planting Trees in Texas


Choosing a tree to plant in Texas can be a bit confusing because of the different climates throughout the state. What may grow in the South Texas valley would not thrive in the northernmost point of the Panhandle. A tree can be your biggest landscaping investment, so take your time to compare prices and quality. Purchase your tree from a reputable nursery, one that offers a replacement policy or guarantee in the event your tree fails to thrive when planted correctly.

Step 1

Look at a plant hardiness zone map for the state of Texas and find the county where you live. Texas has four temperature zones, and you need to know which hardiness or temperature zone you live in to make the best choice of tree to plant in your yard. The plant hardiness zone gives you the lowest possible winter temperature for the area in which you live.

Step 2

Visit a tree nursery to choose the tree that best fits your hardiness zone. Consider the height and width of the tree at maturity. Take into consideration the foliage color and whether the tree flowers.

Step 3

Call your local utility companies to determine the location of water, electrical cable and sewage lines before you dig. Select an area to plant your tree that accommodates your tree at maturity.

Step 4

Dig the hole for your tree twice as wide as its root ball and only as deep as the root ball. Place the tree into the hole and fill the hole around the tree with the soil you removed while digging. Water your tree immediately.

Step 5

Stake and guy wire the new tree for its first year of growth. This helps keep the tree vertical until the root system establishes itself. Put one of the guy wires on the south side of the tree to protect the tree from the summer winds of Texas.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Garden hose
  • Stake and guy wire


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Who Can Help

  • Tree Staking and Guy Wiring
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