How to Get the Fruit of the Pomegranate


Whether you've picked your own pomegranate from a backyard tree or purchased one at the supermarket, getting the edible seeds from the rind can pose a dilemma the first time out. If you try to seed a pomegranate by cutting it in half, you'll stain your fingers (and maybe your clothes) with red juice. Learning to get the fruit of the pomegranate without creating a mess may take longer but is worth the extra time.

Step 1

Cut the pomegranate off your tree using a sharp knife. Then bring the fruit inside and place it on a cutting board.

Step 2

Hold the pomegranate so the pointy, crown-shaped top faces you. Use a paring knife to cut a circle around the pomegranate 1 inch below the point top. Then grab the crown and pull up to remove the top section. You should see pomegranate seeds separated by six membranes.

Step 3

Cut along the outside of the pomegranate where the membranes are, scoring the skin. Gently score the membranes down to the bottom.

Step 4

Twist the pomegranate in your hands to open it. The membranes should easily pull apart, exposing the seeds, which are the edible portion of the pomegranate.

Step 5

Pick up one section and leave the others on your cutting board. Pick the seeds out with your finger, depositing them into a bowl. Remove pieces of the inedible thin white membrane. Work back and forth across the section, removing all seeds. When you've finished, take the seeds from other sections in the same manner.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Paring knife
  • Bowl


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