Tips for Indoor Plants with Dark Green Leaves

Indoor plants with dark green leaves require the same basic care as any other house plant. Always read up on the care of a houseplant you purchase to see if it requires any treatment or care other than the basics. Depending on the species of plant, it may require a different watering and feeding schedule than most other plants, or there may be specific pests that attack your plant. Keep in mind houseplants don't take care of themselves. Take this into consideration before purchasing a plant.

Groom the Plant

To keep those dark green leaves healthy, dust them regularly. This controls pests as well as improving the appearance. Dust particles can clog pores and keep light from reaching the leaf surface. Wipe dark green leaves with a soft, dry cloth. A wet cloth will create a muddy surface.

Stake Vining Plants

If your dark green leafy plant is vining, stake it using wire pins. Training the plant on a stake works best when the plant is young. The stems of older plants aren't as pliable and may break off during staking and pinning.

Remove Faded Leaves

When leaves begin fading or turn yellow, remove them. The same goes for any spent flowers. Cut or pinch off dead flowers. This will encourage new growth and and keep them healthy.

Shower the Plant

Give the plant a shower about once a month. Take the plant outside and spray it down with a fine mist. In the winter, shower it in the bathtub. Use tepid water so as not to shock the plant.

Quick Cleaning

Products that spray on the plant to remove dust are available at home and garden centers. Take the plant outdoors and hang or set someplace where the drips won't ruin anything. Spray the plant generously with the product, and let it drip clean. These products shine the plant as well.This should cut down on the dusting time considerably.


Water the plant, but don't drench it and let it dry out thoroughly. Note how many days it took to dry out. This will help you set up a regular watering schedule. This may be ever changing. Don't assume that a plant that requires watering once a week will always require watering once a week. Check the plant regularly to see if requirements have changed.

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