Plants for the Window Box

A window of an apartment looks picture-perfect with has window boxes full of flowering plants. However, not all plants thrive in a window box because the roots have less space to grow. Ideal plants are the ones with shallow root systems and lower water and maintenance requirements.


Dianthus is an annual plant that requires full sun and moderate to sandy well-drained soil. The plant has blue-green foliage with pink flowers. Its fragrance is a bonus. A single plant may have as many as 20 flowers at a time. The plant grows up to 6 to 12 inches in height and grows in clumps. It generally does well in a window box.


Another favorite annual window box plant is the pansy. The same flower often has different colored petals. Various combinations of colored pansy plants are available, with the traditional combination being yellow and violet. Plants are small and should be planted in small groups. The plant requires minimal care and water. Pansies help fill gaps between perennial plants and other annuals.


Geraniums are perennials that are a classic for window boxes because of their showy flowers. Germaniums are easy to maintain. Colors of flowers range from white to red to apple-blossom pink. The plant grows in variety of soils, unless it is waterlogged. The plants are easy to propagate by stem cuttings.

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are related to small species of roses from China. These roses have smaller leaves and stems compared to conventional roses. Despite their size, a miniature rose can have as many as 15 blooms at a time. Miniature roses are perennials with woody, thorny stems. Their small size makes them suitable for window boxes.

Ground Ivy

Ground ivy is a perennial aromatic evergreen creeper belonging to the mint family. The ivy's long stems trail from the window box, adding texture and softening the edges of the box. The size of the plant is largely influenced by the climate. The plant is native to Europe and southwest Asia.

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