Outdoor Care of Majestic Palm Trees


With their large, sheltering sprays of leaves, majestic or majesty palm trees provide shade and diversity to the home landscape. Originating in Madagascar, these fast-growing trees can reach a height of 40 feet. Majesty palm trees enjoy plentiful sun and water; without these two main needs, they will turn yellow and begin to lose their leaves. With only a little maintenance these trees will live in your lawn or garden for years to come.

Step 1

Plant the majestic palm tree in an area that will receive full sun for at least eight hours per day. If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperature highs, plant the tree in a partially shaded area, as the roots can dry out easily.

Step 2

Fertilize the majesty palm tree once per month throughout the spring, summer and fall months. Do not fertilize during the winter; this will give the tree some time to rest. Use a fertilizer that is designed for palm trees. This type of fertilizer can be purchased at your local garden specialty store.

Step 3

Water the palm tree frequently or as needed to keep the ground around the tree moist. Depending on the weather conditions of your area, daily watering with a sprinkler system may be required.

Step 4

Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the majesty palm tree to keep moisture close to the roots. This will help prevent the roots drying out, especially during high-heat days.

Step 5

Prune the tree as needed. Pruning is rarely necessary, but if needed, cut the fronds that need to be pruned where they join the main trunk of the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Palm tree fertilizer
  • Mulch


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