How to Take Care of Night Blooming Cereus Plants


A member of the cactus family, the night blooming cereus plant is one of the most distinctive plants that grows in the desert. Growing in desert areas such as portions of southern Arizona and some areas in Texas and Mexico, the night blooming cereus plant blooms on one night per year in June or July. Characterized by creamy white, incredibly fragrant flowers that can grow in size to 4 inches across, these flowers make excellent plants for warm weather rock gardens.

Step 1

Grow the night blooming cereus plant indoors during the fall, winter and spring. The temperatures are too low during this time to grow the plant outdoors. Place the plant in a heated greenhouse or place the plant in an are in your home where it will stay warm and receive partial sunlight.

Step 2

Bring the plant outdoors during the summer and place the plant's container under the shade of another plant, where the cereus plant will receive filtered sunlight throughout the day.

Step 3

Water the plant only when the planting soil has dried out. The night blooming cereus plant is a desert plant and doesn't require frequent watering.

Step 4

Fertilize the plant once per month during spring and summer using an all-purpose plant fertilizer.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose fertilizer


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