How to Use a Lawn Edger


If you're meticulous about your lawn's appearance, then a lawn edger is an effective piece of equipment. Unlike trimmers that use a whirling string, lawn edgers cut with a sharp blade. They make a more exact cut than trimmers and can be used in tight places without causing damage to fence posts or trees. Manual lawn edgers have two blades at the end of a long stick. They require some physical exertion, but work well for small yards. Gas, electric or battery-powered edgers work well for larger yards.

Step 1

Pick up all rocks and sticks from your yard. Mow the lawn with your lawn mower.

Step 2

Squeeze the handle of a manual edger to bring the blades together as you trim the grass. Cut the grass at the same level as the rest of the lawn.

Step 3

Turn on the motor-powered lawn edger. Pull the ignition string to start a gas-powered edger or plug in an electric-powered edger.

Step 4

Trim the grass along sidewalks, keeping the edger at the same level as the surrounding lawn. Don't hold the edger too low, or you'll scalp the grass. Hold the edger steady to trim the grass at a consistent height.

Step 5

Trim the grass along flowerbeds.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always wear shoes and protective eyewear when using an edger.


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Who Can Help

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