The Best Potted Plants

Potted plants are immensely popular these days due to various benefits they offer. A collection of potted plants do not have space requirements such as a garden. Potted plants when kept indoors significantly improve the surroundings apart from providing filtered air indoors. With little time and minimal care, potted plants can be maintained easily, some of which also produce vibrantly colored flowers.

Boat Orchid

Cymbidium or boat orchid is a type of orchid more common to tropical and subtropical Asia. The boat orchid is one of the most desired orchids because of the beautiful bloom it produces. Various varieties are available that produce flowers of different colors in shades of violet, white, pink, green and yellow. The plant blooms in the winter season. The plant can be easily grown to its full size of about 24 inches in a pot.


Bonsai is the Japanese method of growing trees or other woody plants in pots. Bonsais are made out of a variety of tropical and subtropical trees. The size of the tree is reduced by regular pruning, cutting roots and defoliation. Bonsais reflect the characteristics of full-grown trees on a small scale and are immensely popular as pot plants. The plant needs lot of attention in the form of frequent watering, fertilizing and repotting. A bonsai adds great aesthetic appeal to your home. Some common trees used for making bonsais are juniper, maple, fig and apple.

African Violet

African violet is a species of perennial herbaceous plant that produces beautiful violet flowers. The plant is native to Tanzania and parts of Kenya. The average size of an African violet is about 2- to 6-inches tall and 2- to 12-inches wide. Flowers are about 1 inch in diameter and have a velvety corolla. Saintpaulias, as it is scientifically known, is widely cultivated as a house plant due to its velvety flowers.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent without stems that is native to Mediterranean and North Africa. Great medicinal values are associated with this plant due to the presence of compounds like polysaccharides, lectins and anthroquinones. Plant extracts are used for healing wounds, skin treatment and in treating health conditions such as diabetes. The plant grows to a height of about 24 to 40 inches; leaves are fleshy and are full of sap. Leaf margins have small thorn-like structures. The plant blooms in summer producing a yellow flower.


The rose is the most popular pot plant because of the sweet-smelling flowers it produces. Yellow, red, pink, cream, yellow and white are just some of the shades of flowers it produces. Stems are woody with thorns. Roses require some amount of care like cutting branches regularly and exposing roots to the sun for few days. Rose plants die if not taken care of. Most rose plants are propagated by the grafting method.

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