Fall Flowers for Garden

As the hot summer weather begins to wane, the fall flowers begin to emerge. Avid gardeners who garden all year long and wouldn't dream of having a flowerless yard. Many of the spring flowers make a second appearance in the fall, and they are available at garden centers.


Chrysanthemums are probably the most well-known fall flower and a favorite of florists. They flower from mid to late fall in many colors: white, cream, yellow, several shades of pink and lilac, burgundy, pale apricot and deep mahogany. They grow best in full sun protected from strong winds. Plants need well-drained soil. These perennials are hardy in zones five through nine.


There are many varieties of asters, and they all flower in late summer and fall. These perennial flowers grow best in full sun and are hardy in zones four through eight. Asters are available in blue, violet, pink, red, or white and make good cut flowers. When given a frequent change of water, cut flowers last a long time.


Pansies make an early appearance in garden centers in the spring. The fall brings these cool season perennials back for a final performance. The colors are red, yellow, orange, blue, violet, white and bi-colors. They don't grow much in colder weather so when planting a fall bed, space them no more than 5 inches apart. Hardiness zones are nine through 11. In the South, pansies often grow all year long.

Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans come in the traditional yellow-orange fall color. Plant in spring, and they will last through fall. These easy to grow plants are either perennials or annuals. Make sure to check the description on the plant so you get what you want at the time of purchase. They are hardy in zones three to nine.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum are available in white, pink and light salmon colors. Alyssum plants are drought tolerant and grow from spring to frost. They may go dormant during the hottest part of summer, but will rebound as it gets cooler. Sweet alyssum hardiness zone is one to 11. This plant does best in light to medium shade.

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