Fertilizers for Trees

Trees are essential elements of any garden. Once fully grown and strong, they provide shelter and support to all that is there in a garden and in some cases, many beneficial products. Fertilizing trees is essential in its initial phases and later to ensure quality produce. While fertilizing shrubs and other small plants is an easy job, trees can prove tricky because of the depth of their roots.

Biomass Fertilizers

These tree fertilizers are important for the plant during its initial phases of growth. From a sapling to a young plant, the growth of a tree is very rapid, and it requires a great number of nutrients and minerals to support it. Biomass fertilizers like compost and mulch provide this much-needed combination of nutrients in a sustainable way. These also allow the roots that are comparatively young and tender to adapt to the soil and not suffer from harsh chemical exposure. Biomass fertilizers are easy to obtain and can even be prepared in garden itself from plant wastes through mulching. Farm or plantation owners even use animal wastes like cow dung to prepare it.

Nitrogenous Fertilizers -- Urea

Urea is one of the most basic and most important fertilizers for any type of plant. Its rich nitrogen content and easy water solubility make urea one of the best fertilizers for trees. It can be easily delivered to the tree roots as it percolates through the various layers of soil to reach the deep roots. While there are fewer repercussions of excessive administration to grown trees, younger plants can "burn" from an overdose and end up wilting.

Phosphate Fertilizers

Phosphate is essential during plant growth. Overuse causes bitterness in the fruits and low yields. Instructions on packages must be followed to the book.

Potassium and Sodium

Some fertilizers specially target increasing the yield and the produce of the tree. Chemicals like potash help in fruit development and maturity. While not essential to the survival of trees, these help in enhancing the development of products. These tree fertilizers if used in excess can be toxic for the plant and can cause a whole crop to be ruined, so care must be taken while being administered.

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