How to Buy Muscadine Grape Plants


A commonly found grape in the southeastern United States, the muscadine grape is suited for winemaking, jellies and eating out of hand. Muscadine grapes can be red or bronze-colored. The grapes dislike temperatures below 10 F. and will get severe frost damage at 0 F, so cannot be grown in regions that experience severe cold. However, they grow well in humid environments. Muscadine grapes are less prone to disease than European or American grapes.

Step 1

Research muscadine grape varieties using the University of Florida's cultivar list (see Resources below). Determine whether you want a muscadine table grape (like Fry) or a grape for jellies or wine (such as Noble). Create a list of muscadine grapes you might want to grow.

Step 2

Visit your local nurseries and garden center to see whether they sell muscadine grapevines and, if so, what types they have. If you cannot find any of the grape varieties you want to plant, ask a staff member if she can order that type of grapevine. If they cannot, ask her to recommend a suitable alternative.

Step 3

Choose a muscadine grapevine that looks healthy and strong once you've found the variety you want to plant. Apply pressure to the bottom of the grape vine to bend it slightly. If the stem doesn't bend easily or if it snaps, don't buy the plant. If the vine has black spots, it may develop disease. Choose either a grafted rootstock (which may carry disease resistance) or a non-grafted rootstock; either will grow fine.

Step 4

Order muscadine grape plants from an online nursery if you cannot find the plants at a local nursery and you are certain your climate will support muscadine grapes.


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