How to Plant a Cherry Blossom


Having the beauty of cherry blossom plants in your lawn and garden during the spring months is a delight. These Asian-looking beauties bloom in shades of creamy white to hues of pinks and require little care to always look their best. Cherry blossoms grow best in the warmth of full-sun conditions and well-drained soil. With a little time and patience, you can have cherry blossoms blooming in your lawn and garden with an economy of effort.

Step 1

Inspect the cherry blossom plant to make sure there is no leaf or stem rot, and that the young plant is healthy.

Step 2

Plant the cherry blossom plant in the spring. Dig a planting hole with a spade shovel that is twice the size of the plant's rootball. Dig the planting hole in an area that will receive full sun for at least eight hours per day. Plant in soil that is well-drained and will not pool water.

Step 3

Place the cherry blossom plant into the hole and loosely fill in around the plant with excess soil.

Step 4

Water the cherry blossom plant with a soaker hose, ensuring that the water makes it to deepest portions of the plant's roots.

Step 5

Feed the plant with all-purpose fertilizer after planting, following the label instructions for dosage. Fertilize the cherry blossom only once per year, in the spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Cherry blossom plant
  • Spade shovel
  • All-purpose fertilizer


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