Choices for Edging Flower Beds

Home and garden centers now sell flower bed edging materials that make what used to be an expensive, work-intensive chore much less so today. Gardeners and do-it-yourselfers of the past had to build borders with brick and cement to keep grass from intruding on the flower bed. There are many ways to edge a flower bed, and materials are inexpensive and sometimes free.

Rock Edging

Natural rocks of all sizes are available for purchase at landscape building supply businesses. You may find them for free in washes, rural areas, river beds and construction sites (ask for permission before removing from construction sites). Rocks will keep grass out of the flower bed, but trimming the grass that grows up to it might be a little more work than other edging.

Plastic Edging

Find black plastic edging at any garden center.This edging comes in flat strips or strips with a curved bump at the top. Make sure to purchase the stakes or pins to anchor it in the ground if they are not included in the price. Even if they are included, you may need to purchase extras.

Paver Border

Concrete and brick pavers do a nice job of keeping grass out of the flower bed. Cement isn't necessary to install pavers; just set them in place. They come in colors of pinkish-red, black, gray, beige and tan. They're also available in different sizes.

Faux Rock Edging

Faux rock edging comes in 2-foot lengths and looks like rocks connected together. Some of the edging curves, allowing you to create a round flower bed in the lawn. Although it doesn't look like real rock, it still has a very nice appearance.

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